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From an early age, James Evans McReynolds was drawn to theology and spirituality. After many years of study and service, he became an esteemed Minister and took up his first position in Bristol, Tennessee. Since then, he has become a respected and influential figure for his congregants and the wider community, providing spiritual guidance and support.

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The secret of joy in work is contained in one word: excellence.

Dr. James McReynolds shares special weekends or one day Visionquests for Joy throughout the world. "Your preaching embraced with joy, will be, as my positive thinking, a fresh vision for communicating Christian faith. Jim, I anoint you minister of joy to the world," Norman Vincent Peale declared during the Peale School for Practical Christianity in Pawling, New York. 

Dr. McReynolds has devoted his life to teaching people how to create an atmosphere for joy that has revolutionized the lives of countless people.