Books by James McReynolds

BOOKS BY James McReynolds can be ordered from Amazon.Com or directly from me, or Parsons Books, or bookstores, or other online sellers throughout the world.

The following book titles are from 70 years of writing beginning with first books as a teen-age writer which were self-published.

A Baptist History

A Behavioral View of Boundary Transgressions in Therapeutic Relationships

Book of Ezekiel: Savior of Judaism

A Church of Joy:  History of Washington Chapel United Methodist Church

A Conflicted Church: Bible Study on First Corinthians

Acts: A Bible Study Workbook

A Cup of Comfort for Inspiration, editor

A Daybook of Grace, editor

Adjusting Your Attitude: The Book of Numbers

Advent: A Time for Growth

Advent: A Time for Joy

Advent Begins at Home

Advent Devotional Book of the Christian Church in Nebraska 2008

Advent Devotional Book of the Christian Church in Nebraska 2010

Advent Devotional Booklet 2014

Advent Devotional Booklet 2013

Advent Devotional Book 2012

Advent Devotionals 1997

Advent Devotionals 1996

Advent Worship with the Faith Church Family 1999

Affirming the Ash Heap: Lenten Sermons Comparing Jesus and Job

After 50: Spirituality Embracing Wisdom

A Glimmer of Hope Despite Despair: Teaching of Lamentations

A Good Marriage Begins with Me

A Guide to Preaching: Lay Leadership Training

A Historical Look at Revivals and Revival Meetings

A Journey of Spiritual Joy: Joyful Conversations Guide

A King and a Pair of Queens: The Story of Esther

Alcoholics Are God’s Children Too

A Living Lesson on Forgiveness: Philemon

All Glory to God: A Commentary on First Corinthians 3:5-6:10

A Love Your Children Can Share Forever

American Vignettes: A Collection of Footnotes to History

America’s Number One Drug Problem

A New Attitude

A Night with People of the Cross

Anointed Soul, Spiritual Rocks

Annie at Seven-Oh! Contributor

An Ounce of Prevention: A Church-Based Program of Drug Abuse Prevention

Apprentice Shepherds for a Modern Age

A Psychology of Wellness

A Strange Way to Save You and Me: A Small Church Christmas Play

A Treasury of Modern Poets

Arrows in Your Quiver

A Vision Quest for Maturing in Christ

A Visionquesting Tool for Understanding Ourselves

Awesome Real-Life Bible Devotions for Kids

Baptism: Truth or Tradition

Because My Love Holds No Strings

Behold: A Biblical Understanding of God’s New Creation

Benedictine Spirituality With Depth Psychology

Bible Chronicles Before Christ: Old Testament Highlights

Bible Hero Stories for Boys and Girls

Bible in Pocket, Gun in Hand

Bible Introduction 101

Bible Pictures of Water: Special Lent Sermons

Black Preaching: Burden of a People

Blessed Grieving: Reflections on Life’s Losses

Blue Ridge Mountain Faith: Blueberries, Midnight Blue, Bluegrass, and Bluestreaks

Born Free: A Commentary on the Letter to the Galatians

Bread for the Visionquest

Breaking the Code of the Apocalypse: Revelation

Bridging the GAP: Faith and Doctrine: Bridges to Guilt, Anger, and Prayer

Building a Wealth of Joy in a World Starved for Love

Caught Between the Bookends of Easter and Eternity

Carols: The 2020 Devotional Book from The Spirit of Joy Church

Celebrating Life with Jesus’ Parables

Celebrating the Coming of Christ

Celebration and Order: A Guide to Worship

Childrearing in a Hostile World

Children and Divorce: What Parents Need to Know

Children and the Enigma of Anger

Children in My Heart

Chosen Children

Christian Love Demands Church Discipline

Christmas Classics

Christmas From Cove to Cover: 2019 Advent Devotional

Christmas in the Meadows

Christ’s Work for the Life of the Church: Ephesians 1-3

Christ Will See You Through

Chronic Joy: Preaching at Saint Matthew Church

Church Discipline and Christian Love

Clinging to the Biblical Truth

College Faith: College and University Preaching

Colors of Faith

Commentary on Jeremiah, Chapters 1-20

Commentary on Jeremiah, Chapters 21-52

Communion: The Memory and the Magic

Communion Throughout the Year

Complete Healing Under the McReyscope

Complete in Christ: A Commentary on the Letter to the Colossians, chapters 3-4

Contagious Zeal for God’s House: I and II Chronicles

Count It All Joy

Covenant Community: A Study of Exodus

Creating an Atmosphere for Intercessory Prayer in a Christ Centered Church

Criminy! It’s the Preacher

Curriculum Guidance Toward Visionquests for Joy

Daily Almanac: Who Did It When in Church History

Dancing to Our Polar Star

Dancing with Bipolar Bears: Living in Joy Despite Illness

Dancing with God: A Theology of Joy

Dancing with Passionate Joy: Annual Report of the First Christian Church for 2010

Dancing with the Christmas Spirit

Daring Discipleship

David: A Man After God’s Own Heart

David and the Psalms: A Visionquest Workshop

David’s Reign: A Commentary on II Samuel, chapters 1-9

Dawn of the New Millenium, contributor

Day by Day Guidance Toward Joyous Spirituality

Design for Personal Spiritual Visionquest

Deuteronomy: The Law That Delivers

Developmental Disabilities and Borderline Personality Disorder

Devotional Talks for Worship: 17 Helps for Men and Women Who Lead Worship

Difficult Children

Discovering the Church as a Disciplinary Force for Joy

Disguises of Love

Divorce on Trial

Do a Loving Thing: Studies on I Corinthians, Chapter 13

Don’t Mistake Meekness for Weakness: A Commentary on II Corinthians

Dramatic Feelings During Holy Days

Dreams on the Spiritual Life Journey

Effective Worship for Two or Two Hundred Thousand

Eight Barriers to Joy and Abundance

Eight Habits of Highly Effective Christians

Elders of the Lord’s Table in the Christian Church



Empty Tomb: Lenten Study Series

Encountering the Eternal: The Letters of John

Encyclopedia of Sothern Baptists: Volume III

Enrichment: A Blueprint for Marriage

Envisioning the Great Commission: The Joy of the Kingdom

Essential Shifts for Transforming Your Christ

Ethan, Do You Want a Friend

Evangelism International: The Gracious Calling of the Lord

Everything You Wanted to Know About Angels

Experiencing Easter

Exploring the Danger of Anger: The Most Dangerous Human Emotion

Ezekiel: Visionquests and Restoration of Israel

Faithfulness in the Church Before the Lord’s Return: I and II Thessalonians

Faithful to the Final Bell: A Commentary on II Thessalonians

Faith Journeys When You Are at Wit’s End

Faith Makes a Difference

Families and History of Sullivan County, Tennessee, 1779-1992, contributor

Family Fun for Advent and Christmas

Family Guidance and Transition of Life

Family Guidance 101: Communication

Fellows Yearbook 2000

Fighting for the Faith: Jude

Final Visionquests

Finding Balance in Your Spiritual Life

Finding Hope in the Last Words of Jesus

Finding Joy in Perseverance

Finding Quality in Your Spiritual Journey

Finding Unity in the Body of Christ: A Commentary on I Corinthians 12:12-16:24

Fired Up or Burned Out: Connections to Ignite Passion and Productivity

First Christian Church Annual Report 2006

First Christian Church Annual Report 2007:  Our Story During 2007

First Christian Church Annual Report 2008: Our Church of Contagious Joy

Flames, Lions, Visions, and Dreams: The Challenge of Daniel

Food for the Soul: Lenten Meditations for Those in Prison

Foothills Preacher and Swan Lake Church

45 Simple Children’s Sermons

Fresh Ideas for Administration and Finance

Fresh Ideas for Discipline and Nurture

Gaining God’s Grace in Galatians

Genesis of the Grace of God

George Washington McReynolds and Other Disciples’ Preachers

Getting Angry Makes Me Mad

Getting Up and Going Again

Getting Up Getting You Down

God Gives His Answer: A Commentary on the Book of Malachi

God, Moses, and the Deep Blue Sea

God’s Design for Leadership: A Commentary on First Samuel, Chapters 1-11

God’s Evangelism: How to Share Your Faith Without Being Offensive

God’s Gift of the Sabbath: Recharging Your Spiritual Life

God’s Journalism

God’s Joy

God’s Jurisprudence: Law, Ethics, and Justice

God’s Ministry

God’s Pattern for Successful Mothers

God’s Power for Fathers, editor

God’s Psychiatry and Mental Health

God’s Therapy: Healing the World’s Deficit Disorders

God’s Value of You: Self-Esteem and How You Love You as God Does

God’s Vision for the Masculine Life

Gone from My Sight: The Dying Experience

Golden Nuggets: A Comprehensive Guide to Interpreting Every Verse in the Bible

Good News of Great Joy

Good News of Mega Joy

Great Is Thy Faithfulness: Lamentations

Great Prayers of the Bible Under the McReyscope

Growing Pains for Youth and How to Heal Them

Growing Up Isn’t Easy Lord

Guidance for Youth for Making It on Your Own

Guideposts for the Effective Preacher

Guilt: When Your Conscience Says You’re Bad

Healing of the Soul: Family Guidance for People with Psychiatric Illness

Healing of the Soul: Help for Teens Experiencing Depression

Healing of the Soul: Helping Those with Anxiety Disorders

Healing of the Soul: Helping Those with Personality Disorders

Healing of the Soul: Maintaining Happy Living and Mental Wellness

Healing of the Soul: What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Healing of the Soul: What Is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

Healing the Body and the Soul

Healing the Dysfunctional Church: A Commentary on First Corinthians 1:1-3; 4

Healing the Family Circle: Therapeutic Approaches to Excellence in Living

Healing the Soul of the Church Through Prayer and Spiritual Formation

Hearing and Doing God’s Word

Hearing the Words of Jesus With Disciples Today

Heart Warmers

Heaven: A Glimpse of Your Future Home


Helping Children Feel at Home in Church

His Thoughts Toward Me

Holy Happenings Highlights: A Children’s Easter Book

Homosexuality and the Bible

Hope for Depression

Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace! Advent Devotional Book 2009

How Covid-19 Changed the Church Forever

How to Be a Disciple of Jesus

How to be an Effective Lay Speaker

How to Be Genuinely Happy

How to Study the Bible and Have It Make Sense

How to Be a Joyful Christian Without Being Perfect

Human Growth and Development Adolescence

Human Growth and Development: Early Childhood

Human Growth and Development: Marriage

Human Growth and Development: Middle Years

Human Growth and Development: Years of Loss

Hundred Days of Love

If Only They Could Speak: Witnesses to the Passion of Jesus

If You Only Knew What God Has to Give: Commentary on John 1:1-5:1-18

If You Only Knew the Word of Life: Commentary on John 5:19-9:1-41

If You Only Knew the Good Shepherd: Commentary on John 10:1-14; 15-31

If Only You Knew the Truth of Abiding in Christ: Commentary on John 15-21

Impossible to Please

Incredible Moments with the Savior

In Grief’s Lonely Hours 

In His Spirit: 365 Devotions for Every Day

Insight into Individual Intensions

Inspirations: Prayers for Hearth and Home

Inspirational Thoughts for Every Day 1999

Interpretation of Dreams on the Spiritual Journey

Interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount

Irresistible Grace: Healing Grace for a Lifetime

Isaiah: Trusting God in Turbulent, Troubled Times

Islam: The Awful Challenge to Christian Faith

It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

James: Faith That Works

James McReynolds’ Dictionary of Illustrations and Outlines

Jeremiah: The Reluctant Prophet

Jesus and the People: Proclaiming the Kingdom of God

Jesus and the Sinful Woman

Jesus Before Christianity or Churchianity

Jesus Came Preaching Joy

Jesus Sets Us Free: A Parish Religious Education Series

Jesus Shares His Joy in Galilee

Jesus Christ Is Lord

Job 1:1-21-34 Commentary

Jonah: God’s Global Reach

Joseph Under the McReyscope

Joshua: The Lord Is Salvation

Journal of Joy

Joy and Hope for Nicaragua: 1999 Preaching Mission in Nicaragua

Joy Beyond Survival: A New Spirituality

Joy Beyond the Walls of This World

Joy From the Book of Philippians

Joy in the Mourning: Preaching Joy at a Funeral

Joy Ride on Life’s Journey

Joy to the World 2015 Advent Devotional

Judges: People Seeking Independence from God

Judgment and Deliverance: A Commentary on the Book of Micah

Keeping Our Resolutions

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Key to Spirituality: A Commentary on Colossians, Chapters 1-2

King of the Jews, King of Glory (Matthew 21-28)

Last Passages for Persons with Disabilities

Learning to Live Drug Free

Legacy of David: A Commentary on II Samuel, Chapters 18-24

Let All the People: Visionquests from the sermon Box

Liturgical Preaching

Living Advent: A Daily Companion to the Lectionary

Living by Faith: In Wrath Remember Mercy: Bible Teaching of Habakkuk

Living in God’s Embrace: The Practice of Spiritual Intimacy

Living in Love

Living Out of Joy

Living with Cancer

Living with Olympic Faith

Living with Wisdom

Looking Through a Father’s Soul

Love: A Cornerstone of Faith

Love Addiction: Help Yourself Out

Love Addiction Power Plays

Love for the First Conflicted Church at Corinth: Commentary on I Corinthians

Love That Lasts a Lifetime

Love Is the Bottom Line

Luke: A Spiritual Commentary

Making Ends Meet

Making Relaxation Work for You

Making Sense Out of Adolescence

Manifesto of the Kingdom of God

Martin Luther: First Disciple of the Restoration Movement

McReynolds Family Reunion 2017

Meditations on the Miracles of Christ

Mercy, Repentance, and God’s Grace: A Commentary on the Book of Jonah

Microscope Under the Shepherd’s Psalm

Ministries in the Meadows

More Sermonettes for Children

Moses Under the McReyscope

Mountains Beyond Mountains

Music of Eternity: A Theology of Fidelity

Mysterious Secrets in Grandpa’s Weeping Desk

Nebraska Christmas Sermons

Nebraska Epiphany Sermons

Negative Shadows: The Most Discussed Human Emotions

Nehemiah Under the McReyscope

Never Act Your Age

New Testament History: Acts

Notes From Journals of Spiritual Journeys

One Nation Under God

Our Dear and Glorious Physician: Exposition of the Gospel of Luke

Our Great Salvation

Our Inward Journey

Our Savior’s Strength for Sorrow

Outweighing Past Transgressions: A Commentary on I Samuel

Overcoming the Enigma of Anger

Panning for Gold in Rural Virginia Pulpits

Parliamentary Law: Visionquesting in Order 

Passing the Torch of Leadership: A Commentary on II Timothy

Passionate Joy: Building a Wealth of Joy in a World Starved for Love

Passionate Joy in Aging: Happiness Throughout Life

Passion, Purpose, and Happiness in Life and Work

Pastoral Counseling with the Alcoholic

Pastoral Psychotherapy and Process Theology

Passages Through Death

People of the Passion

Personal Bible Study Workbook

Philippians: A Letter of Jesus and Joy

Postmodernism: Policy Implications

Practical Wisdom in the Book of Proverbs

Prayer and Our Spiritual Progress

Prayer Journal

Prayers for the Psycho-Spiritual Counseling

Prayers from the Heart

Pray for the Persecuted Church

Praying Our Experience

Preaching and Spiritual Privilege: A Commentary on I Corinthians 12:12-16:24

Preaching from the Prayer of Jabez, I Chronicles 4:9-10

Preaching from the Psalms, Psalms 1-59, Volume I

Preaching from the Psalms, 60-90, Volume II

Preaching from the Psalms, 91-125, Volume III

Preaching from the Psalms, 126-150, Volume IV

Preaching the Word: A Theological Perspective

Presbyterian New Members Class

Presbyterian Preaching: Shenandoah Sermons

Prescription for Today: Meditations for the Sick

Pressing on to Maturity: Part II of First Thessalonians Commentary

Program Planning for the Church for the Events of the Church Year

Prophets and Kings in the Kingdom of Israel

Proverbs and Refreshing Relationships

Provision or Penalty, Blessing or Judgment

Prophets, Poets, Priests, and Kings: The Old Testament Story

Psalms in Reflection

Psychology for Ministers and Social Workers

Psychology of Bullying: A Novel About a Brave Boy

Psychology of Love: The Real Stuff

Public Petitions: Powerful Positive Prayer

Putting Our Faith to Work: A Commentary on the Book of James

Queen of the Epistles: A Commentary on the Book of Ephesians

Quest for Guidance When the Bible Doesn’t Say

Quest for Joy: Life Beyond Pleasure and Profit

Quiet Moments with God, editor

Quiet Service

Quick Crowdbreakers and Games for Youth Groups

Reaching the Sunset Years

Recovering Your Mental Health

Refreshing Relationships

Remember Your Redeemer: Sermons from a Student Pastor

Rendering to Caesar: A Biblical Perspective on Government

Resisting Our Resentments

Resurrection Joy: The Laughter of God

Resurrection People

Revealing the Riches of the Revelation

Revelation of John: The Lamb Wins

Rock-a-Bye Baby: Understanding Family Stress

Ruth Under the McReyscope

Rural Worship

Sacrament of Sexuality in a Spiritual Love

Sanctified Suffering: A Commentary on I Peter

Seeking for the Kingdom: A Bible Commentary on the Book of Haggai

Searching and Finding Mega Joy

Searching for the Spirit in Spiritual Direction

Sermon on the Mountain of Change

Sermons on the Ten Commandments

Sermons to Create a Christ Centered Church

Sermons to the Church on Evangelism and Christian Witness

Serving in the Vineyard in 2009

Serving the Least of These: Caring for Those Living with Mental Disorders

Setting Our Minds on the Spirit

Seven Parables of Our Savior

Seventh and Eighth Century Minor Prophets: Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Obadiah

Sexually Abused Children in Foster Care

Sexual Attraction and Moral Choices: The Story of Ruth

Sexual Intimacy: Song of Solomon

Share Tea, Share Life

Signs of Addictive Love

Signs of Healthy Love

Simple Answers to Troubling Questions About Drugs

Simple Spirituality

Six Steps for Managing Loss

Skills for Doing Pastoral Psychotherapy

So I’m Not Perfect: A Psychology of Humility, the Least Discussed Human Virtue

Some Practical Care and Guidance When Death Comes

Songs of Feelings and Faith: The Psalms Outlined

Soul Healing Ministry of the Christian Church

Soul in the Workplace: Visionquest of Excellence

Soul Mating: A Premarital Marriage and Relationship Manual

Soul Songs: Finding Treasure in the Psalms

Sound Theological Insights for Youth to Know Truths About God

Spending a Day Enjoying God’s Creation 

Spirit of Joy Church

Spiritual Autobiography

Spiritual Challenges of Silence

Spiritual Direction and Challenge: Understanding Adult Sleep Disorders

Spiritual Direction and Guidance: Caring for Your Holy Temple with Exercise

Spiritual Direction and Guidance: Exercise Guidelines

Spiritual Direction and Guidance: The Challenge of Behavior Changes

Spiritual Guidance: The Challenge of Setting Life Goals

Spiritual Guidance: The Challenge of Stress Management

Spiritual Guidance and Direction: Understanding Addiction and Substance Abuse

Spiritual Family Roots

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Fruit, and Spirituality

Spiritual Healing for Depression

Spirituality or Spirit?

Spiritual Maturity: Rejoicing Through the Book of James

Spiritual Paintings: The Poetic Soul of James McReynolds

Spiritual Paths to Happiness

Spiritual “Scavenger” Hunt

Spiritual Values and Personal Health

Spiritual Visionquests International: Devotions to Enable Your Joy

Stories for Your Spiritual Journey

Spreading Joy Despite Personal Challenges

Stand Firm in Your Faith Even If Your Friends Are Turkeys

Standing in the Need of Prayer: Christians in Prison

Staying on Track: A Commentary on II Peter

Strength for Facing Anything

Suffering and God’s Presence

Summer Is Not Canceled: A Joyful Guide to an Unconventional Summer

Sustaining Faith in Love

Table grace: Lenten Study Series

Take Care How You Hear

Taking Responsibility for Your Own Wellness

Teaching the Bible to Children

Teaching the Ephesians and Us How to Live

Teach Me How to Live: Olympic Year Christian Poetry

Team Ministry in Administration and Management (Ph.D.)

The Acts of the Apostles, Volume I

The Acts of the Apostles, Volume II

The Acts of the Apostles, Volume III

The Acts of the Apostles, Volume IV

The Art of Letting Go

The Best Way to Love Your Family

The Bible and Its Use for Junior High Boys

The Bible Comes Alive: New Approaches for Bible Study Groups

The Biblical Speed Bump: Commentary on Leviticus

The Bottle in the Bible

The Changing Face of Methodism: A Confirmation Study

The Changing Face of Our Salvation, contributor

The Christmas Barrel

The Church’s Life as the Work of Christ: Ephesians 4-6

The Commands of Jesus Christ: Devotions and Commentary for Preaching and Teaching

The Complete Sayings of Jesus

The Danger of Wedding God’s Word and the Wisdom of the World

The D. A. T. E. Manual: School Based Substance Abuse Prevention

The Desert Sounds of Spirituality (Psalms 50-90)

The Disciple’s Journal: A One Year Guide for Believers

The Drama of Deliverance

The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Philippians

The Essence of Salvation

The Expositional Eulogy: Teaching Pastoral Preaching for Funeral Sermons

The Family of David Hobert McReynolds and Cynthia Carole Yambert, contributor

The Filling of Empty Vacuums

The Five Points of Calvinism

The Fruit of the Spirit: Joy to the World

The Gift of Prayer

The Good News of All God’s People

The Gospel of God’s Grace: Romans

The Gospel of Joy According to Luke

The Gospel of Luke and a Theology of Suffering and Disability

The Gospel of Mark the Evangelist

The Greatest Privilege: Prayer

The Integrity of the New Covenant: II Corinthians

The Intensity of Joy

The Journey of the Human Soul

The Journey into Christmas: A Quest for Joy

The Joy Factor

The Joy of Finding the Changeless God in Our Changeless Society

The Joy of Knowing God

The Joy of Managing Your Anger

The Joy of Prayer: The Way to Intimacy with God

The Joy of the Kingdom

The Joy of the Lord Is My Strength: Nehemiah

The Ladder to Trouble

The Languages of Love

The Many Faces of Adolescent Depression

The McReynolds’ Family: Who’s Who in America

The Mighty Power of God: A Study of Daniel

The Ministry Life: 101 Tips for New Ministers, contributor

The Ministry of the Church

The Peer Counselor’s Pocket Book

The Person and Work of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

The Power of Love in the Healthy Family

The Promised King: The Gospel According to Matthew

The Pursuit of Happiness: Philippians

The Recovery of God’s House

The Return of Judah: Joel, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi

The Road Best Traveled Is Without Anger

The Road Less Traveled to Joy

The Scent of Joy

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Churches

The Silence of the Church: The Spiritual Struggle with Sexuality

The Sins of Rachel: A Novel of Terror

The Sower

The Spirit of Joy Churches as Communities of Joy

The Spirituality of Joy

The Spirituality of Loneliness

The Spirituality of Love

The Spiritual Power of a Mother, contributor

The Story of Joseph

The Symbolism of Our Faith

The Teacher and His Students (Matthew 5-10)

The Ten Commandments: Guidelines to Joy

The Theological Mystery of the Anabaptists

The Theology of Eternal Life: A Commentary on I John

The Twelve Apostles

The Two Debtors

The Visionary Teaching of Jesus Arranged by Subjects

The Waters Run Deep

The Whispering of My Heart: Prayer Poems

Thorny Roses : Sexuality and Spirituality

Through Still Fields at Midnight

The Will of God and the Purpose of life

The World Mission of the Church in the Acts of the Apostles

The World of Youth Management

Times of Refreshing

To All of You with Joy

To Earth with Joy

To Everything a Season

To Rome with Love

To Saint Luke With Joy: A Study of Philippians

To Tie the Knot or Not

Tough Faith for Tough Times

Transactional Analysis in Therapeutic Counseling

Treasuring Christ Together: 2010 Annual Report for First Christian Church

True Grace: I and II Peter

True Happiness Can be Yours

True Pictures: A Lenten Study of James

20 Tips for Powerful Prayer

Two Become One: Bible Studies on Marriage and Family

Under God: A New Birth of Freedom

Unheralded Heroes of Hebrew History: Amos, Hosea, Micah, Jonah

United in Joy: A Devotional Commentary on Philippians

Unity and Division: A History of the Kings of Israel

Unity in Worldwide Evangelism: A Commentary on the Book of Romans

Until Jesus Comes: A Commentary on I Thessalonians

Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts

User Friendly Evaluation for Renewal of Pastors and Churches

Ventures in Worship

Visionquest for Christian Service

Vision Questing to Be Surprised by Life

Vision Questing to Let God Bless You

Visionquest of Joy: The Least Discussed Human Emotion

Vocations for All of Life Through God’s Gifts to You

Waking a Sleeping Giant: A commentary on II Samuel, Chapters 10-17

Walking Through the Old Testament Book by Book

Walking with God in the Garden

Ways of Men/The Way of God: Sermons on Easter Joy

We Are the Church Together and Together We Grow

Wedding and Funeral Sermons

Welcome to the Next Level

What Does the Me Look Like: Guidance for New Christians

What Is the Destiny of Babies Who Die?

What I’ve Learned About Alcohol

What I’ve Learned About Drugs

What’s Wrong with American Families

What the Bible Says About the Gospel

When All Colors in the Crayon Box Are Gray

When God Is Your Enemy: A Bible Commentary on the Book of Nahum

When Heaven and Earth Meet

When Life Burns low

When Religion Hurts

When the Darkness Will Not Lift: Doing What We Can While We Wait for Joy

When the Word Does Not Tell Us About Our Witness

When We’re Old, Every Day Is Armageddon, contributor

Where Is God When Things Go Wrong?

Whose Birthday Is It Anyway? Where’s the Line to See Jesus

Who’s In and Who’s Out: A Commentary on I Corinthians 6:9-9:14

Why Are You Weeping? Worship Materials for Funerals

Why I Love the Church

Why Jesus Taught in Parables

Why Your Family Works That Way

Wipe the Tears: 30 Children’s Sermons on Death

Wisdom, Knowledge, Joy, and the Myth of Success: Ecclesiastes

Wisdom Literature: Book of Proverbs

Women Living in Hostile Strange Lands: Biblical Commentaries on Ruth and Esther

Words of Life, editor

Words That Shine Like Stars, editor

Working Prayer into the Rhythms of Life

Worship and Music Today

X-Rays of Your Personal Spiritual Life

You Are a Joy to God

You Can Have Joy!

You Can Quit Alcohol

You’re Somebody Special

Your Secret Life with Jesus

Zany Suggestions for Zestful Joy in Worship

Zealously Ministering to the Poor

Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Lamentations, Obadiah

Zigzagging to Journal a Joyous Life Journey