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Gratefulness is the fuel that feeds joy

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Dr. James McReynolds, Psy.D., Ph.D.

How can those in chronic pain find joy during a time of Covid-19?

Joy comes in relationship with God. During times of unrest and global

illness encountered that brings sadness and lack of awareness of possible


We need to remind ourselves of our purpose and gifts in those times of disappointment when we tend to live in darkness. Journal what is happening.

Did you find joy on your birthday zoomed to family and friends, a simple Christmas, nature’s colors of joy? Share joy as it comes. Be intentional about how you spark joy in others. May “the joy of the Lord” give you strength to be a safe person and a safe place for others. Amidst “chronic pain” comes “chronic joy.”

Do not expect radical changes or adjustments. Welcome the process of finding strength.

Passionate spirituality will enable us to know our purpose. Pursue joy, especially during these stressful days. Focus on joy as a basic human experience. Joy is an enduring delight in what is the most significant videos of our lives. Joy comes in the mourning. Joy oozes out as we are told good news about our health or the health of a loved one, finding a lost object, or doing something meaningful. The loss of human life due to Covid-19 and the devaluing of human life with structural racism leave many depressed and grieving. Love and joy are eternal.

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